2015, New Tee, Mark Freeman and More

I’d like to take a second and reflect on where we are as a company. We have a solid apparel line with comfort and quality above all. It was very important to Justin and I when we started out on this journey, to provide apparel the we would want to wear … daily. In and out of the gym, running to the store, out with friends on the weekend. So, that is the reason that each and every item we offer is sitting in our store.

With the new year, we are able to launch our next tee, TGILD. We are stoked about the design and the shirt is right in line with those core principles I just spoke of. This shirt has a military feel, which corresponds with some changes that may be coming our way. Justin is in the National Guard, and he’s been informed of a possible deployment overseas in a few weeks. As we wish Justin and his family the best and a speedy return, we as a company will just need to step it up in his brief absence.

This brings me to the next topic and the reason for this post. With the release of the TGILD shirt, we want to announce a partnership with Freeman Technique. I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with the owner of Freeman Technique, Mark Freeman, just the other day. To give some background on Mark, he performed for the past 5 years with Cirque du Soleil and is an amazing gymnast and performer. Not to mention the dude lifts no weights in his workout routine and is JACKED. Mark works with the performing arts, gymnasts, and athletes of all kinds to perfect their techniques and learn how to effectively and efficiently use their body. No matter what kind of athletic passion you have, Mark can help you be better. Just check out his Instagram to see what he’s capable off. Crazy gifted athlete!

Working with Mark was not something Justin and I planned for or sought out, but in my experience these are the best kind of partnerships or influences to embrace.

You will start to see some collaboration between Mark and FourtyEighty in the very near future, and we can’t wait. Do me a favor and check him out, you won’t regret it.

Website: http://freemantechnique.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/freemantechnique
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freemantechnique



by Sean Zyra