You will not out work me.

You will not out work me.

The title of this article was a quote said to me by coach when I was training for my first NPC competition during the winter of 2012-2013. He did not direct the statement at me as much as he threw it out in front of me for some healthy mental competition. Or so I thought.

Looking back at that statement a couple years later, I have a different perspective on that – I think I know what he actually meant. It was not competition, it was not meant as an incentive to push me harder – it was an iconic phrase for a point of view and an attitude on weight training: the iron game. Realizing it now, it makes more sense than doing 5 sets of 20 on barbell squats at the end of a 1000 rep leg day… more sense than using hot sauce on 7 out of your 6 meals every day… even more sense than busting a pose in every mirror you pass… It is about how you conduct yourself in and out of the gym. If you go in and give it your best day in and day out no one can take that away from you. Similarly, no one can give that to you either – it’s an earned attitude. It’s an earned burst of motivation that is born from experience.

With this in mind, it’s not meant to be arrogant, no showing off, no big badass roided out meat head trying to intimidate the regulars… I choose to look at it literally: no one is working harder than me. If I work as hard as I possibly can, drain every last ounce of energy, smash every muscle fiber with my mind and the weights… how can there be such a thing as working harder?

It’s a relative statement – it’s relative to the person’s attitude, mindset and actions. One can only give their best. Someone’s best may be compiled of 500lb squats, 4 x 50 bench press sets, insane crossfit times, 5 minute miles… Your best is your best – lay it all out, every time, no matter what and people will notice and you will grow. If you do not give it your all then you will, and probably already are being outworked. Do you want that? Do you like second place? I don’t. It’s relative to the person.

I am a humble person. I do not carry myself in an egotistical manner or like I have something to prove to everyone, there is no need to do so. Who am I trying to impress since I already don’t care what other people think of me? Especially in the gym… I walk into the gym and lock my ego in my locker along with my work clothes and everything else that is irrelevant to me having the best training session that I possibly can. I concentrate on every rep, squeeze harder and grow more than the next guy.  Egotistical? Nope. Something to prove? To myself, yes. The truth? Absolutely.

Go into every workout with the right mindset: the FourtyEighty mindset. Be ready to experience the next level and to grow.



by Justin Giunto